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Pointe Shoe Fittings

We offer expert pointe fittings at Linden’s Dancewear.  Appointments are recommended (just give us a call!), but we always do our best to accommodate walk-in fittings as well – we realize life gets crazy.  Pointe shoe fittings are unlike any other shoe fitting.  You should expect to try a variety of brands and ­­styles to find the perfect shoe that will support you properly. Please allow 45 minutes for your first fitting and at least 30 minutes even if you've been fitted before. 


The right fit ensures that you’ll be able to work safely and gives you a solid foundation for your pointe technique. 


We will show you and explain:

  • the feel and function of pointe shoes

  • foot and body alignment

  • how different padding, tools, and tips can improve your comfort, fit and help prevent injuries.


Is this your first pointe shoe fittingClick here to learn about what to expect and to see how pointe shoes are made.


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Some Tips to Prepare for Your Fitting


  1. First Things First.  You should wear comfortable, fitted clothing (convertible tights are helpful but not required) because you will be doing some plies and releves.  Wearing proper attire will also help us see your alignment.  You should also have your toenails trimmed – we recommend filing with an emery board rather than clipping to help prevent ingrown toenails.

  2.  Come Prepared. If you've had pointe shoes before please bring in your old shoes, preferred toe padding, and spacers you currently use as these really affect the fit of your shoes.  This allows us to see how you wear your old shoes and to look at your habits en pointe.  It will also help you explain what you like or dislike about your last pair of shoes.

  3.  Communication is Key.  If you have questions or feedback during the fitting we really want to hear it!  If your teacher or you have preferences about shoe styles, please let us know and we will do our best to follow these requests while still providing a proper fit.  The key to a really great pointe shoe fitting and finding the perfect shoe is communication between the student and the fitter! 

Your First Pointe Shoe Fitting!

Congratulations!  For a ballet dancer, there is hardly anything more exciting than your first pair of pointe shoes. We are excited for you and want your fitting to be special.  Pointe shoes are not for beginning ballet students and you need the approval of your dance instructor.  Please consult with your teacher beforehand to get any specific suggestions about shoe brands or preferred toe padding.  Before you sew or do anything with your pointe shoes, we encourage you to have your teacher look at your new shoes and double-check that they approve of the fit.  We want your shoes to fit perfectly!

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Here is a video  by Suffolk about some of the 

nitty-gritty details of pointe shoe fitting!

Have you ever wondered how a pointe shoe is made?

  Watch this video and see the magic happen!

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