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Our Story

Renee Allen started Linden’s Dancewear in 2008, because as a dance mom she was frustrated by the lack of selection and the need to drive to other cities to find dancewear. Renee spent many years watching her daughter Samantha dance and developed a love and knowledge of the art. The name Linden's honors Renee's family heritage of small business ownership, continuing a legacy that began with her grandfather's tree nursery and father's machine company in Erie, PA. Over the past 20 years, Renee has become a dancewear expert with an extensive understanding of pointe fitting. She has a passion for helping dancers find exactly what they need and will go to extraordinary lengths to set them up for success.

Samantha Allen has been dancing the majority of her life, she danced professionally for Busch Garden’s Williamsburg and NC Theatre and shared her passion for dance through teaching and helping her mom at Linden’s. What started as a part-time job at the family business has become a way of life, she’s now business partners with her mom and works full-time to help dancers find the tools they need for success. Samantha loves helping customers of every dance discipline and is an expert ballroom fitter.

Linden’s Dancewear has continued growing since opening in 2008, we’ve expanded three times and are proud to be in a space ten times that of the original store. Renee and Samantha are now business partners, each working on different aspects of the business, and they couldn’t do it without each other. Linden’s is a family business and all the design (and most of the labor) for every move was done by Renee, Samantha, and Barry (their amazing husband/father).

            We are dedicated to providing our customers with a fantastic shopping experience, whether you shop in-store or online, we offer an extensive selection, expert advice and support, as well as top-notch customer service. From tiny tots just starting their first class to adults who’ve been dancing their whole lives and everyone in between, we’re excited to hear your story, help you find exactly what you need, and make it an enjoyable experience. We love delighting our customers!

Community Outreach
At Linden’s Dancewear, we believe dance is a universal language that transcends differences. Our commitment to the community extends beyond traditional support like silent auction donations and playbill sponsorships. We strive to cultivate a safe haven within our store, where people feel heard. We laugh and cry with our customers, empathizing and offering space for people to share their stories and experiences. Inclusivity is paramount to us. We actively seek vendors who offer a diverse range of skin tones in dancewear, ensuring everyone finds options that celebrate their unique beauty. Similarly, we cater to the LGBTQIA+ community, providing a welcoming environment where individuals can explore clothing that fosters comfort and confidence. Our commitment extends to dancers of all shapes and sizes with a selection of curvy and plus-size apparel. Because at Linden’s we believe everyone can dance, and everyone should feel empowered in their movement.

Linden's Philosophy

At Linden’s Dancewear, we work every day to provide a delightful, engaged, and most of all fun experience for all ages and levels of dancers. We are committed to having a wide range of quality products for every style of dance, offering superior customer service and expertise. We value a fun, hard-working, creative, healthy work environment, and most of all happy customers. We strive to be a positive, forward-thinking company, improving the lives and art of dancers.

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