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Our Story

Linden’s Dancewear was founded by Renee Allen in 2008. Renee started the business because, as a dance mom, she saw a niche in the market in our area. As a dance mom, she was frustrated with driving all the way to other cities for items and not always finding what she needed when she got there.  She spent years watching her daughter’s private ballet lessons and developed a love and knowledge of dance along with her daughter. There was a small space next door to the studio where her daughter Samantha danced and she decided to start selling a “few” leotards and a “couple” basic shoes – at least that is how she proposed the idea to her family…. Linden’s Dancewear was born.


The name Linden’s comes from Renee’s maiden name Lindenberger and it’s also a nod to her family history of small business owners, her grandfather owned a tree nursery and her father owns a machine company in Erie, PA. Even though her original background is in molecular genetics, over the past 15 years she’s become an expert in dancewear and has a passion for helping people find exactly what they need.


Samantha Allen started dancing when she was small enough to fit into one of those cute tiny pink ballet dresses, but her true passion for dance came to fruition when she was 12. She danced about 20 hours a week all through high school, taking ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical (and there was also that baroque dance class that one time...) while her mom was starting Linden’s. After high school she danced professionally for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and NC Theatre, she also started sharing her passion for dance through teaching and helping her mom at Linden’s.

            In 2017 and ‘18 she had the wonderful opportunity to go teach English for 3 months at a language school in Pompei, Italy - who could say no to that? But after going again in 2018 she realized her true passion lies in NC at Linden’s (even though she had a fabulous time and ate her weight in amazing Italian food). She’s now excited to say she’s a partner at Linden’s working full time to help everyone have an amazing experience and discover the tools they need for their dancing success.


How we got to where we are today

Linden’s has kept growing since opening over ten years ago in 2008, in 2012 we expanded and doubled our space. We grew out of that space (even after doubling it) and in 2016 we moved to a brand new renovated store at the front of the building. All of the design and labor for the remodeled new store was done by us, (Renee, Samantha, and Barry, their amazingly supportive husband/father).

            We’re now happily located at the front of the building with two chandeliers, three dressing rooms, two closets, two offices and quadruple the floor space of the original store! 

We’re proud to carry over 50 different brands and are dedicated to providing our customers with a fantastic shopping experience that includes an excellent selection, expert advice, and support for all your dancing experiences. From tiny tots just starting their first class to adults who’ve been dancing their whole lives and everyone in between. We’re excited to hear their story, suggest a new exercise/stretch, or help them find the perfect pair of shoes. More than anything we aim to be 'Your Answer for the Dancer'!



Linden's Philosophy

At Linden’s Dancewear, we come to work every day to provide a delightful, engaged and most of all fun experience for all ages and levels of dancers. We are committed to having a wide range of quality products for every style of dance and being one of the prettiest dance boutiques on the East Coast. We value having a fun, hard-working, creative, healthy work environment and most of all happy customers. We strive to be a positive, forward-thinking company, improving the lives and art of dancers.

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